06 March 2011

John- aka Jack, Johnny, John-boy, Little Dude

3 days old and SO handsome!

Auntie Meg finally got a snuggle! 
It took all my willpower to hand him back to his mama.

Great-grandma Dorothy, John & Elizabeth

Just before Elizabeth leaned over to kiss John, she whispered,
"He's a little pirate, but he's my favorite pirate."

Great-grandma & John

John brings the total of her great-grandchildren to an even dozen- 6 boys and 6 girls.

Gavin wasn't too sure about holding John but seemed to like his new cousin well enough.

Our visit was very multi-purpose last night. It was Grandma Dorothy's first chance to visit the baby and Alli's 3 day postnatal. Plus, I was picking up one daughter, Mara (who has been there since Thursday) and dropping off another, Nina (who will stay for the next week).  Madelyn is looking forward to her chance to serve as mother's helper/postpartum doula after Nina comes home. Whew!  That's a lotta doing in a short time.

While I was checking Alli & John, Kam came into the bedroom and said, "He's just so cool!"  I think it is safe to say that he is enamored with his son. How strange it is for me to see him, my "little" brother with his children. He is, after all, 8.5 years younger than I.  I clearly remember the night he was born, and now I have been privileged to witness and support him and his wife at the births of both of their children.  The Lord is gracious- our sibling relationships change so much in adulthood; my brothers are now the friends I never thought they could be.

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