27 March 2011

Cozy Cat Quilt

I finally finished the quilt for Madelyn's bed. It has been sitting on my sewing table for a LONG time. Because I have a strong sense of order, I didn't think I should let myself work on anything else until it was finished.  This meant that I didn't work on any fun projects for the duration. (Yes, I know that's a bit crazy; I'm working on it.)

The real news is that finishing that quilt gave me the mental freedom to start a new quilt. The cats that are the centers of each log cabin block caught my eye some months ago when I realized that leftover strips from a block of the month quilt matched perfectly. A little ingenuity helped me stretched a fat quarter of cute kitties into what will be approximately a 58 x 58 in quilt. I will have to buy batting and backing, but that's why coupons to Joann's are so handy! I think a backing of purple minky would make this the coziest blanket ever for snuggling with my kiddos on our couch.

I thought that I would have the quilt top finished today, but Sirena and I have had a hard time spacing the colors and patterns of the cats so that it felt both scrappy and balanced, if that makes any sense.  Scrappy quilts provide a true challenge for my persnickety self and my equally persnickety daughter.

 preview of the layout

I also have borders that are partially pieced, refugees from another project.
All in all, this quilt is coming together quickly, using a bunch of fabric from my stash, and I'm very pleased.

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