02 March 2011

more photos of the boy child

"I have a boy baby!"

So happy that he is out, healthy and part of the family!

Precious feet!

Holding hands

Daddy's first chance to hold him.

 Daddy was easily able to comfort him with a snuggle and a finger.


Auntie Meg's guestimate at his weight was only off by 1.6 oz!

He passed his first exam with perfect marks!


  1. Yippee! Nice size for sure! All the babies lately have been nine pounders (two at church and little man here).

    Have you caught up on your rest, life, laundry? lol! No pressure!

  2. I love a sturdy baby! I especially love this sturdy little man. My heart is so full- my throat gets tight and my eyes water every time I *think* his name. As if *I* birthed him. Who knew Auntie bonding could be so strong? I haven't held him yet- probably a good thing since I wouldn't want to give him back to his mama.

    Caught up? What is that of which you speak? I am drowning in laundry and clutter. Today was spent "doing the books" and other home office stuff- with 4 sick littles and no bigs. I kept up with the dishes and that was it. It will take a crew? a week? __a miracle__ to get the rest of the way caught up anytime soon.