05 March 2010

house of chaos and contagion

Here we are on day 2? 3? 4? of chaos and contagion.

This is the current view in our living room.
The curtains are drawn to enhance the movie theater feeling.

Madelyn holding today's accessory- the cup. The cup is a definite upgrade from yesterday's accessory- the bowl. Yesterday, I barked at any child seen without their bowl buddy.

All of my large, easy-to-hit bowls were pressed into service, starting with the mint-green tupperware barf bowl of yesteryear up to and including my nice, deep pasta pot.

Panning to the right we have Sarah, who has escaped unscathed thus far, eating breakfast.

Continuing the living room tour, Evie in her swing. She loves the swing, a fact that saved my sanity yesterday when it was just Gavin and I tending the puking hoardes.

Mason also wanted breakfast. This may be a rather optimistic move, only time will tell. He is wearing mismatched jammies because everything else he owns is stained with evidence of sickness (from one end or the other).

Gavin, the hero of yesterday, has finally succumbed. Let me tell you- I would be bald and in a straight jacket if not for his noble help yesterday. He changed nasty diapers and dealt with even nastier, sickness-covered loads of laundry. Loads and loads and loads of nastiness. Plus, he got up in the midnight hours many, many times to change Mason's bed linens and empty his bowl. This heroic deed gave his mother a few, precious hours of sanity-saving sleep.

Now that he is one of the sick, we have given him the entire couch plus control of the movie choices. It's only right.

Last stop in our living room tour- Sirena and Nolan cozied up on Sirena's mattress in the middle of the floor. Sirena decided that trying to make urgent, midnight bathroom trips from the top bunk was a hazardous proposition. So, she prudently relocated her bed to a location that allowed for easier and quicker exits. Thankfully, she is on the upswing and may even eat later today.

It all looks so peaceful and cozy, yes? I won't traumatize you by photographing our laundry. I will say that the bathroom has never been so clean.

My routine yesterday went something like this:
1. nurse the baby
2. change the baby
3. change the toddler
4. empty the bowls
5. bathe the child
6. clean the bathroom
7. transfer the laundry
8. clean the carpet/floor/chair

Anything else accomplished was a miracle. Today, however, is a brighter day. Only one child is hugging a bowl, and he, most thankfully, has good aim.


  1. Oy. Let's just say apologetics is once again postponed, eh? I seriously do not want to come within 10 miles of the barfing buy if I can help it. Plus, three kids, who haven't yet been on antibiotics, are still having sore throats. I'm seriously doubting the one rapid strep they did last weekend (negative) because all those kids who took antibitics, even the ones with only sore throats that "wasn't strep", recovered about 48 hours after starting antibiotics and the ones without meds (didn't take them in as they weren't the worst of the sick ones) still suffering with the sore throat. I just don't think it is a coincidence when you look at the number of people we are dealing with here. Argh! To take in the other three or not?

  2. Since we have the option, I think we will pass on the sore throat eye thing. Especially since you don't want the barfies in trade.

    I was --> <-- close taking Maddy in yesterday. She had hours of crying-in-pain before she finally got to throw up- which magically resolved the pain.

  3. Thinking of my favorite family. I am soooo sorry. What a bonding time? Way-to-go Gavin! I am not sure a grown-up guy would do that for his family. You rock.

    Mr. B.