17 March 2010

snuggles & sleep

There' s a whole lotta sleeping going on at our house- by Evelyn, at least. I really can't complain, though. She's already sleeping one stretch of around 5 1/2 hours most nights.

When Sarah was this age, we didn't sleep. I walked the bedroom for hours each night, nursing and bouncing at the same time. We listened to the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, unabridged- several times through, which is to say that I know how blessed I am to have a good sleeper this time.

Moments before this photo, we were cozied up together for a nap.
I love squishy, sleepy babies!

Nothing sweeter in this whole wide world than sisters snuggling.


  1. Pictures like this almost make me want to succumb to my wife's desire to have a fourth child once the twins are older. Of course, with our luck, we would wind up with triplets this time around since we already have twins and a singleton.