18 July 2008

blog bites

I wanted to call this post sound bites, but since you are reading instead of listening that didn't seem quite right. And now to the news...

1)Nolan is growing bigger and more delightful each day. Sirena and I weighed and measured him this morning: 14 lb 7 oz and 26 in long. He is not quite 2.5 months.

2)Mason is also growing. He's a big boy now as I had the "diapers are just for sleeping-time" talk with him about a week ago. He gave me a lot of grief the first day but now loves running around in his McQueens (Lightning McQueen underwear). Today he is quite fetching wearing nothing but McQueens and a pair of tap shoes from the dress-up box. He doesn't sound fetching as he stomps around the house, but he looks cute in a crazy sort of way. I would take a picture for future blackmail purposes, but I haven't the least idea where the camera is.

3)It's $5 Quilt class this weekend and, as usual, the girls and I will spend today sewing in order to be ready. At the moment I am procrastinating through blogging. It's a proven method around here.

4)I've read some fascinating books lately and am trying to find time to review them here.
Final Salute, by Jim Scheeler
The Omnivore's Dilemna by Michael Pollan

5)Through an amazing gift, I was introduce to the art of Katie M. Berggren. Her painting, "Love Affair" now hangs in my bedroom. It is perfect for this midwife mama of many. Someday, I would love to hang it in my midwifery office (as in, when I have a midwifery office.) Thank you, Kaley.

That's all the news that's fit to print...or all the time I can justify printing it.


  1. I really, really like the Katie Berggren work. Did you see, "Choosing to Stay?" She's just great.

    Tell Kaley thanks for inadvertently introducing her to me! ;-)

  2. Yeah, I loved "Choosing to Stay" as well as "Despair". I know, I know it's a dark feeling, but she nailed it. I have FELT what that painting portrays, ya know?

    So many of the Mother-Child paintings evoked memories of my own mothering experience. Wouldn't I love to be a wealthy collector?

    I'll definitely pass on the thanks to Kaley.


  3. Hi Meg!
    Love you! <3