16 August 2008

A little photo editing

I am trying to learn how to touch up and improve digital images. This is a photo of my Dad and his family from the Spring of 1956. Dad is the adorable one by the fireplace. Here is about 3 1/2 in this picture. Our boy Mason bears a STRONG resemblance to his Grandpa Ron. It is amazingly appropriate Mason has my Dad's middle name.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of "noise" in the original photo. (I think that is the technical term for speckles.) It just looks dusty and old.

It's not perfect, but I think I did achieve a good part of my goal!


  1. Holy Moly!

    Could he have looked any more like Cam at the same age???


  2. WOW! I would have guessed you scanned Torgan into that picture! Torgan and your Dad bear a strong resemblance...and I see alot of your Grandma in you too!

    Great job cleaning up the photo, looks good!

    Love ya~