23 April 2008

Happy 14th Birthday to Mara!

Raising a teenager is certainly an education, but we love our girl dearly and are so proud of the woman she is becoming!

(When I get the chance to trap her for a picture, I'll post one here.
She is as camera shy as her mother!)


  1. Holy cow...

    Has it really been 14 years?

    I sure doesn't seem that long ago that Bryan and I were running through the hospital, dripping river water and smelling like fish and campsmoke.

    (Mara, your mother is an amazingly forgiving woman for letting either your father or I live!)

    What happened to those long saturdays, building sets and sizing costumes, with Mara on one hip and Gavin (aka "Bowling ball head"...) crawling through the sawdust at our feet???

    Mara, for your birthday, I have some pictures to show you of your old man and your mom as I remember them...not much older than you are now.

    You're gonna love these, lol!

    Happy birthday!

    -Your (old)Uncle Perry

  2. Hey, Perry, can we see those photo's too? lol! I'd love to see them!

    Happy birthday Mara!

  3. Happy Birthday Mara! You were such a tiny thing when we got married and I can picture you on your Daddy's shoulders when we returned from England. (I think you guys were at the airport?...but I do suffer occasional memory mix-up at this old age. ;) )
    Happy Birthday to you Meg! :)
    and looking forward to the newest little arrival. <3