23 April 2008

Concert update

We had a marvelous time at the concert. It was a full orchestra playing the music of Broadway and Hollywood: translated as MUSICALS. Some of the music was wonderfully familiar, "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning", while some of it was not part of our repertoire, "The Donkey Serenade", but it was all delightful. It was happy music, and so big, if you know what I mean. The sound was full and rich and...and...like a satisfying meal for the soul.

My family looked marvelous, all dressed up in their concert finery. The girls were lovely in dresses and sparkles. My men looked great in slacks with dress shirts; Gavin even wore a tie, which for our humble little family, is almost equivalent to white tie elsewhere. I was so proud to escort them to our seats. I felt as elegant as a woman who is in her 38th week of pregnancy can feel, with sparkles on my sandals, earrings and bracelet. (The pants and blouse were unremarkable except that they accommodated my belly.)

There weren't many children in attendance, I think I saw 3 other kids on the orchesta level where our seats were. This meant that our family, with 4 kids in tow, was slightly conspicuous. (Imagine the gaping mouths if we have brought the littles along!)

Our usher, Warrene, was the sweetest lady and very curious about our group. "Have your children heard this music before?" When I assured her that we enjoy musicals as a family and that Bryan and I have the goal of exposing the children to many musical styles, she was surprised and pleased.

There were a few times that I thought that boredom was creeping in- not that it worried me! My determination to expose the kids to a little culture was definitely worth a little boredom in the second half of the program. (They were singing in French.)

I would say that the evening was a glowing success, one that we hope to repeat regularly. Although the next evening probably won't be a foray into elegance; we would like to take the kids to ComedySportz.


  1. Love hearing your "pink" side of the evening. lol. Sounds wonderful. Needs a picture of all of you in your finery though....


  2. I would absolutely post a pic if any had turned out! They are either blurry or grumpy.

    New camera plus tired kids at evening's end = no photos for the blog.