18 April 2008


I am just about bouncing with excitement. Bryan and I are taking the four older kids to a concert tomorrow night. Not a rock concert, but a "get dressed up and go to the symphony" concert.

In October, my parent's blessed Bry and I with tickets to see this same conductor at his 90th Birthday Bash. It was a magical evening. One of the special elements of the evening was the collection of such wisdom and experience in one large hall. Many of the other concert attendees were elderly and I have never seen so many gray heads gathered in one place. I wanted to just sit and eavesdrop as they reminisced about "the good old days" when both they and the music were young.

And that doesn't even address the music itself. As conductor, Norman Leyden was spectacular. For a nonagenarian, he is full of energy and sparkle. The band and music were equally marvelous. There just isn't anything quite equal to hearing great music live in a beautiful concert hall. As we descended in the jammed elevator with other concert goers, we remarked that our kids would have enjoyed the music. Several gray heads turned in surprise, "Your children like this music?" We assured them that Big Band was alive and well at The Shoe.

After scrimping and saving and catching a sale to email subscribers, we were able to purchase tickets for tomorrow's concert. So, today we are making sure that everyone has the necessary clothing to attend the event. I am polishing shoes and cutting hair.

One other necessary item- finding downtown parking for our 15 passenger van. Bryan feels confident that he can find street parking. It is too tall to fit in a garage and we'll have to pay for 2 spots in the open lots. Doable, but not my preference.

I'll update again after the concert. I wish we could take all of you!

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  1. How was it? I heard Bryan's thoughts on it, but want to hear yours. lol!

    How are you feeling these last FEW ( I'm praying!) days?