12 April 2008

we've got trouble, right here in river city

*The management begs your pardon for the indelicacy of this post.*

We have had trouble all week with the... well, the toilet- to be blunt. It has repeatedly backed up, spilling its nasty contents all over the floor of the front bathroom. No amount of plunging or snaking has been able to clear the problem, and there was a rumor among the children that the situation wasn't due to "natural causes," if you know what I mean.

Today was the designated "deal with the problem" day. Bry bought a new wax seal last night in preparation. This morning, I confessed that this was one of those moments when I am glad I am a woman, happily ignorant of toilet mechanics and lacking the strength needed to muscle the porcelain throne off its pedestal. Bryan confessed that he would rather cozy up to a plugged toilet than face labor. We ended the conversation pleased with our respective gender roles.

So he drained the thing. Unbolted it from the floor and began investigating the depths.

He snaked it. He shook it. He prayed and pryed and finally retrieved this:

a ballpoint pen

It would appear that the rumors were true.
Ballpoint pens are not a naturally occurring phenomenon in toilets.

This leads us to the culprit:

He has apologized, but I am not convinced that he won't try again soon.

As I type, a sense of triumph prevails.

The plug is cleared. The throne reinstalled.
Three cheers for Daddy!
Hip hip hurrah!
Hip hip hurrah!
Hip hip hurrah!

I do so love being married to a man who can fix almost anything!


  1. We had the same problem a couple of years ago due to a toothbrush, compounded by a hotwheels. Steve had to take the toilet out to the front yard to run a hose through it and free up the massed toilet paper. Another show for the neighbors!

  2. Poor Bry, what a way to spend his day off. But, at least it was productive!

    I'd have to agree with you too. I'd rather have labor than take apart a toilet. Makes me a green just thinking about it.

  3. Having witnessed, first hand, a difficult labor, I would have to side with Bry on this one.

    I would MUCH rather dismantle a toilet...using only my teeth...that give birth!


  4. Hey we just had toilet issues too! Noah's toothbrush went missing. lol Fortunately we had a spare toilet, thanks to Kelly, waiting to be installed. So this provided the perfect opportunity.

  5. We too have had toilet issues. It turned ugly when we found out our toilet was no longer code and couldn't be fixed by the plumber and my hubby lacks the know how to fix such things. $1200 later and a new toilet, the plumber retrieved the hangy thing that keeps the toilet smelling fresh and looking clean. Those things should come with a warning label: This item should not be used in a house with a two year old, especially one that has a fascination with toilets. :/

  6. Things I never thought would leave my mouth as a mommy #492 " NO NO MADELINE!! Don't put mommy's toothbrush in the toilet.......... OOOOH!!!"