01 May 2008

Nesting update: 40+1 weeks

As expected, my due date came and went with no sign of baby. Big surprise? No. Not exactly.

Here's my due date history, by category:

Induced labors:

Mara, 1st
due 4/21, began induction the eve of my EDD for doctor's convenience. She was born 4/23.

Sirena, 3rd
due 10/9, health issues prompted induction 10/7; she was born 10/7.

Madelyn, 4th
due 2/26, doctor convinced me that I should be induced a week early, began induction 2/18. She was born early on 2/19.

Spontaneous labors:

Gavin, 2nd
due 10/28, began labor the evening of 10/31; he was born 11/1.

Sarah, 5th
due 9/25, water broke 9/28, labored inconsistently until evening of 10/1, when labor shifted gears. She was [finally] born in the early hours of 10/2. (A malpresentation was probably to blame for the long delay.)

Mason, 6th
due 4/21, signs of labor and regular contractions began on my due date, prodromal labor all day 4/21 through 4/24 with bouts of more intense labor in the evenings. Labor kicked into high gear around 10 pm 4/24, he was born 12:20 an on 4/25.

As you can see, I am not usually "on time". Three to four days after my due date seems to be a reasonable estimate of when labor might begin, but -clearly- there are no guarantees. Sigh. I'll try to keep everyone posted, but you'll get no promises from this cranky, pregnant lady.

I will confess that the universe centers on my belly right now. The birth tub and kit are ready. The layette and cradle are standing by. The freezer is stocked. The bills are paid. The house is clean, although I still manage to find little extra chores for the kids to do each day...today they get to vacuum the popcorn ceiling near the ceiling fan. There are gross cob webs hanging all around. I ask the kids to clean the house - again- and they ask me to go into labor -again.

So we all sit around, staring at my belly, just waiting, waiting for labor.

Anyone wanna place a bet on the delivery date? or the gender? Leave your best guess in the comments. The winner gets...uhm...acknowledged as the winner. Woo hoo! Great prize, huh?


  1. My guess?


    May 17th, 2008, at 5:00.


  2. I know it is hard, but don't despair. It will be over soon, and you new sweat baby in your arms. Course, you won't get to hold him or her except at feedings because your children will want to be holding him/her every chance they get. lol. Who needs a swing or bouncy chair when there are 6 older siblings to entertain the new baby?

    I'll guess girl and born on 5/4. Don't hate me for not picking todays date! LOL!

    You should "live" blog your labor with pictures, video's, etc. LOL! Just kidding. ;)

  3. Alli,

    Ha! A girl might just be that stubborn, but I promise to try to evict the baby before the wedding. Well before the wedding.


  4. I am going to be extremely optomistic and say midnight tonight 5/2-5/3! Come on baby Vowell!!!!

    I say bake a birthday cake tonight to coax baby out! Worth a shot and its an excuse for that last bit on chocolate :)

  5. How about May 10,2008?

    G Grandma

  6. Guess...GUESS???

    I thought by this time you guys could just say, "Now!" and the baby came!

    I'm so dissillusioned...


    PS - Boy, May 9th, 11:46pm

  7. I say 5/3 around 2:30 AM. Quick labor and a girl. Can't wait to meet the new addition! I can't believe you are already due. It has flown by, well, for me anyway.

  8. O.K. - I think boy and May 3rd, anytime after Sundown. My reason is that then the baby would technically be born on May 4th, which would make your 8-day circumcision (one last try :)) on Monday and Dr. Davis would be in the office :)

    Can't wait to hear the news!!!!!

    Love and Shalom,

  9. Aunt Robin:

    May 8th Only Gods knows what time.

    Boy so Mason has someone to play with.

  10. May 5th,
    Chips and Salsa for everyone!!
    It will be a boy. The reason he hasn't come yet is he needs directions and won't ask. Simple things like that are just "born" in a man.

    Leo and Cheryl

  11. The Messerly Clan12:12 AM, May 03, 2008

    Funny...Emily and I were just wondering about you...;D
    We think May 5th, sometime late evening, early morning hours.
    I would love for Mason to have a little brother but...I think, sorry Mason, that it is a girl.
    We are so looking forward to meeting the newest Vowell and will pray it is a swift, lovely labor for you both! Bryan too...;D
    Love & prayers for you both,
    the Messerly Clan

  12. Hi Meg!
    (Just saw your email, it went to my spam folder for some odd reason.)

    Oh...I'm gonna guess May 7th in the morning hours, and definitely a shorter labor than before.

    Boy, Dixon...to go with Mason. :) (Do you have names already? I forgot if you told me.)

    Praying for you and excited to hear the news! xoxo