01 November 2007

bits and pieces

Today's post is just a little of this and little of that. My brain is apparently incapable of anything too focused.

Happy 12th Birthday to Gavin!
I can't believe he is already 12 and yet, I can absolutely believe it. He is becoming a man I am proud of. We have already had several families try to secure him for their daughters. I am thinking of starting a bidding war. Maybe this will pay for our daughter's weddings...

Analysis Paralysis
This is a disease which primarily affects perfectionists. We can't make a decision without researching it to death because we might make a wrong decision. I was totally consumed by acute case this week while trying to purchase a new computer.

My laptop, may it rest in peace, died last weekend. Its last illness was prolonged but the end was sudden, and, I think, without much suffering- on the part of the computer anyhow. Thankfully, my incredibly skilled geek brother Nate was able to salvage my data from the old hard drive. He also loaned me a laptop to hold us over until we get our new machine. Did I mention that he is quite wonderful?

Suffering entered the equation when my husband asked me to buy the new computer. Ugh. I immediately began researching processors, RAM, optical drives and flat screen monitors. It would have been much easier if I had taken geek-speak as my second language in high-school instead of Spanish. It was too much to learn for this perfectionist. After three days of poring over multiple websites, I was near tears and Bryan insisted I just buy something. After all, anything new is going to be far superior to my 3 year old crippled laptop. Feeling a time crunch, I called my dad for some advice and then took it. Within an hour of our phone call, I placed an order for the new machine, promising myself that I was making the best decision I could with the information I had. Ugh. The mind games perfectionists play. Some day I'll find a way out of the maze, right?

The Thrush Green series by Miss Read. A soothing series of books set in the Cotswolds of England. If you are looking for high suspense, drama or mystery- look elsewhere. These are the everyday trials of a village where the quirky characters quickly become dear friends. This and the author's other series, the Fairacre Chronicles, are what I turn to for restful reading when my own life is somewhat chaotic.

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  1. How nice to have a new computer. Yeah...we need to back-up too, all my current pics live here, that can be a paralysis issue as well. :S

    Sounds like a good book series to look up.

    Love you Meg! :) xoxo