02 November 2007

Back it up

Our recent brush with electronic disaster has motivated me to backup our files. I am terrible at burning them to DVDs or transferring them to flash drives, so I have been hoping for that perfect solution to drop out of the internet onto my desktop.

For now, I am trying Box.net, an online storage and filing sharing website. At first, I found uploading to be a slow and irritating process, but yesterday I discovered an extension for Firefox (an opensource browser) that has made uploading as easy as copying files on my computer. The FireUploader extension can be used with Box.net, Picasa, Flickr, and many other websites. It opens a tab in your browser and uploading is as easy as select and click. Very nice and far faster than the old fashioned one file at a time approach.

Whatever your backup solution is- use it regularly! We almost lost several years of business records, homeschooling documents, my birth records and family financial records, not to mention photos.

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