07 November 2007


Born Nov 5th to my dear friend Dana and her husband Steve,
warmly welcomed by her 8 older siblings

Lily Grace

5:36 am Nov 5th
7 lb 12 oz

She is absolutely delightful! Congratulations! ! !


  1. Ooh, you got to go to the hospital! Waah. I wish I could have. Oh well.

    She is so cute. I think she looks like Dana, inasmuch as a newborn can actually look like any of their relations. lol.

    I spoke to Dana right before she left the hospital Thurs. Have you spoken to her since then? How are they settling in?

    Miss you. I want to sew with you,like a girls day or night, just sewing...no kids. lol!

  2. Oh, she is so beautiful! Thanks for posting a pic.
    Jer, I was thinking she looked more like Steve. But, yeah I see her Momma too.
    So thankful they are doing well.