30 October 2007

Vision Forum wish list

Life in a Shoe is hosting a drawing for $250 worth of materials published by Vision Forum, whose catalog is usually well thumbed by the entire family within hours of its arrival in our mailbox.

Here is my current wishlist:

What's a girl to do? $10
Raising daughters is challenging in this feminist world. I need all the help I can get in presenting a biblical view of womanhood.

The League of Grateful Sons $20
A DVD honoring the legacy of courage by the men who fought in WWII. Since my grandfather is included in those ranks, I look forward to learning more!

Ten P's in a Pod, audiobook $30
The adventures of a large family- perfect for this growing family to snuggle under the covers and laugh together. We are audiophiles.

Why Satan Wants Your Firstborn and What To Do About It $10
Poor firstborns. As if the unrealistic expectations of your inexperienced parents aren't enough...

What to expect from a 12 year old $10
I could have used this with my eldest, now 13 1/2, but since child #2 is turning 12 on Thursday and there are 5 more after him, better late than never.

The Elsie Dinsmore Audio collection $65
The congregation we attend is about an hour from home, we need plenty of wholesome audiobooks to help the journey pass more quickly.

Lion shield and sword $20
Cross shield and sword $20
Let the battles begin!

Sabers, spears & catapults $25
My son, who is a history buff, will probably hide these CDs in his bedroom as soon as they arrive. Then the rest of us will converge at his door and "encourage" him to share.

The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters $24
Ooooh. Disaster stories are so fascinating! This collection looks as though it will be inspiring as well as interesting.

The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing Her Husband's Vision $16
Raising daughters isn't the only topic I need encouragement in! My husband could use a bit of blessing.

Total $250. Yep, right on the money. Thank you. Thank you very much.


  1. Meg, I have a few of these titles if you would like to borrow them. Just let me know!

  2. I'd love to peek in your library! Thank you.

    The kids can't wait to get together with your family again. When you are up to it, we'll have you all out to dinner again.