27 August 2006

A Goodbye

Bryan and I had the sad privilege of attending a memorial service last night. For those who may have known him, Mike Smith- father to Matt, Jeremiah, Jethro and Charlie- passed away suddenly and unexpectedly August 17th.

The service was a beautfiul celebration of family and friends, but there were two moments which stand out. My first glimpse of Roseanne, Mike's widow, standing in the front row bereft of her other half. She looked lovely in a way that was deepened by her grief. My heart ached as I imagined that loss. I stood closer to my husband and felt his arm slide protectively around my shoulders, as if he sensed my feeling of vulnerability.

The final song began, "You Raise Me Up," by Josh Groban. The music and lyrics are hauntingly beautiful. I listened to the first verse with my eyes closed, thinking about Mike's life and his loved ones. I opened my eyes to look at his family and saw a small figure moving about on the floor between the seats and the platform. Alaina, Jethro's daughter, was spinning. She must be 6 or so. I watched as she twirled in her light blue summer dress, and I realized that she was not just playing but dancing with spins and curtsies for her grandpa. The song ended and she turned towards the platform where his ashes rested and bowed.


  1. Oh, Megan...my heart breaks for the Smith family. The joy Mike has to be in the Lord's presence, but the loss of a husband, father, and friend here on earth. I will be praying (and crying) for Roseanne and the family.

  2. I didn't know Mike at all, but Bryan practically lived at the Smith house when we were in high school and Mike was a special part of those memories. The slideshow of Mike's life was incredible, his boys all resemble him! Julie (Grogan) Kettleson was there and she said, "One slide was Matt and the next was Charlie."

    Elisa is as lovley as ever. "The boys, are still just as dashing.

    There were many Sunnyside people at the reunion, and I had the chance to chat with Susie Berman, Charlene Poston, and Jubilee Williams (?), to name a few. It was definitely a walk down memory lane.