31 August 2006

Meme of Five

Hope it's not too late...Roberta tagged me

Five things in my freezer:
~Baby quail (my FIL is a falconer and these are to feed his Harris hawk, Manu Nui)
~1 case of pizza crusts from Birch Gleaners
~Strawberry freezer jam from my Aunt Colleen.
~Firecracker popsicles, also from Birch Gleaners
~2 broken pie crusts which I never plan to use because they are dried out

Five things in my closet:
~The china tea set that was my mother's when she was a girl
~Bunches and bunches of crocheted hangers that my great grandmother covered many years ago. They are my favorite hangers! Most are in variegated yarns. (okay, so that is more than one, but Roberta's post made me think of them.)
~A plastic storage bin filled with outgrown plastic pants and diaper covers.
~My husband's Filson overalls, so stiff they can almost stand by themselves.
~A box of clothes to shrink into (right next to a box of waiting maternity clothes.)

Five things in my car:
~Carseats, of course.
~a 5 gallon orange bucket parading as a garbage can
~1 box of items to drop at Goodwill
~A blue, air compressor hose and as many other tools as my dh could cram into the cargo space (his van was in the shop today)
~The Fellowship of the Ring, unabridged on cassette. We are listening to cassette 7, The Council of Elrond.

Five things in my purse:
~3 half filled coffee punch cards- for 3 different coffee shops!
~ahem, "feminine products"

~$2 which belongs to my 7 yo dd, Madelyn
~My handy-dandy Portland Area Hospital Guide (a useful piece of paper I created to help me find local hospitals at 3 am when I am still groggy. It has directions from my house to 15 different hospitals as well as the phone number for the maternity units.)
~Wallet with a broken snap. It has been broken for a year, maybe two. I'm cheap, too. Just like Roberta. I did look at "new" wallets at Goodwill, but I wasn't will to pay $5.99 to replace mine, not yet.

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  1. Hi Meg~
    Saw you at Darc's comment on her happy news and popped over here...even though I am not *supposed* to be right now.
    Funny about frugality huh? I have been wanting a rolodex for years, ever since I passed up a really nice wooden one with a photo frame on the front for somewhere around $5 on clearance. Every time I perused the office stores I'd look...too cheap to buy though. Tuesday I found one, nothing fancy, but in fine order and clean for a quarter...that's my kind of price.
    (But I did plunk down the $3.95 for a chocolate peanut butter smoothie at "Jolts and Juice".) Priorities! :)
    Love ya! How you are doing well friend! :)