27 July 2006

Excited, or is that Terrified?

I am filled with both excitement and terror as I announce that after 5 years of apprenticing, I am now a primary midwife, under supervision. This means I am taking client's of my own but still remain under the watchful eye of my lovely supervising midwife. If I was a bit more limber I would be turning cartwheels with excitement. Or course, the great weight of responsilibity gives me nightmares on occasion.

More good news is that I actually have clients to take! This week I have interviewed with 2 families, both of whom have chosen to work with me. I am honored and do not take this precious responsibility lightly. My heart is full as I anticipate the coming months in which I will be building relationship with these mamas and their growing baby-bellies.

May the Lord watch over these growing wee ones and grant me wisdom to give their mamas the care they need for safe deliveries.


  1. Oh, Meg!

    I'm so proud of you! You've worked so hard to get to this place!


    Love you!

  2. Yeah for you! :) How exciting! :)
    Well done Megan! :)

    You were a treasure as my doula...and I know you will be a blessing as their midwife.

    Roberta :)

  3. What a beautiful priviledge and responsibility! Congratualtions.