19 June 2006

Revealing times....

I injured my back at a birth on Jun 2nd. Mama was squatting and pushing and I was supporting her and it was just too much for this poor ol' back of mine. That was a Friday and by Monday I couldn't walk. As in, I could not lift my feet off the ground. The pain was intense whenever I stood or sat or assumed any position except lying flat. Nice. This is obviously the ideal position for running a busy household. We wrangled up a pair of crutches which allowed me to walk. Sort of. It took me 25 minutes to "walk" to the bathroom and back to bed. I am happy to report that this state of affairs did not last too long. Visits to my lovely chiropractor have helped relieve the pain and increase my mobility.

The first 3 days were clothed in fear. I was in so much pain and 2 visits to the chiro hadn't helped noticeably. Ready to throw in the towel, I went for that 3rd visit in 4 days. Relief and hope, thank the Lord. In all, I spent a full week entirely in bed and the next week making short journeys around the house before retiring back to the only comfortable spot in the house.

During this time, my eldest daughter stepped in and ran the house. She couldn't manage everthing I do and the other children gave her a terrible time, but she more or less kept the filth and clutter at bay. Those days revealed faults in me and in my children that I now get to address. Thankfully, it is summer and the burden is easier since we are finished with school.

May our Lord grant me wisdom as I train these gifts to better service to our family and ultimately to Him.


  1. Poor Megan! It is sooooooooo hard when Momma is down for the count! I feel like the last 7 months since my Meggie was born I have been more down than up, physically! Takes some major adjustments to my expectations. **sigh**

    Hang in there and thanks for posting!


  2. I'll have to add you to my blogging friends I visited with. (I figured you were not going to post anymore as Adam took a few months break from his and blogger would not let him access his blog again. Glad you could.

    I only wish we were able to pop over at least once...next time.
    Thank you for blessing us by making the trek to Jer's with you back in that state...I hope you were able to rest it.

    Lots of love to you Meg! It was so great to see all. :)