06 July 2006


I am still hobbling along. These days are better than the days right after my injury, but the pain is still nearly constant. I look back at life "before" and wonder what I did with all that pain-free time. Why wasn't I conquering the world?

Our home was just barely recovering from my down time when we decided to put down new flooring. The floors are gorgeous but the chaos atop them is not. Putting in new flooring is just about like moving. Everything must be removed, stored and then replaced. I am using this as an opportunity to cull the clutter which has been slowly and insidiously taking over our home. So far we have filled our 15 passenger van for a delivery to Goodwill and another pile of donations is growing next my garage door. VOA comes tomorrow to pick up that pile. Our garbage bill will be atrociously high this month as we have set out extra bags and made several trips to the dump. Why was I keeping all this stuff?

Clutter increases itself exponentially whenever you turn your back or blink your eyes. I have learned, again, that I need to be constantly culling or it will take over.

"I will be mistress of my own home!" said with an emphatic stamp of the foot.


  1. Here! Here!!!

    I'm so proud of you...persevering through the pain!

    I will keep you (and your poor back) in my prayers!

    Love ya!

  2. Megan, you always inspire me!
    Be careful and let your back heal though...don't want any setbacks.
    I am doing the same...decluttering (when am I not!?!?) you've put wind in my sails again! (so here I go!) :)

  3. Thanks for the prayers. We could use them.

    I am trying to avoid setbacks- we were supposed to go camping this weekend...more on that in a "real" post. My dh is terrified of a setback. It really frightened him when my feet just wouldn't obey.

    I MUST declutter this house! I long for that vacation type simplicity. Relentless, I will be relentless. Look out clutter, here I come.

  4. I *heart* this template!!! How did you put it on? I found the page and downloads but how do you make it your own?
    Take it easy.:)

  5. Thanks.

    I found the template here:
    and pasted the txt into the blogger template code spot. Save changes, republish and Voila! New, bee-ewe-tee-full blog template.