01 June 2006

Jumping back in

{Scene 1}

Mommy is in her bathroom, brushing her teeth and getting ready to face the day. She has only had the tiniest amount of sleep because the 13 month old baby is cutting molars and the 10 year old son had a terrible stomachache which was only soothed by the companionship of his mother. Although Mommy has only been out of bed for about 15 mintues, she is halfway into her 2nd cuppa. She is joined by the very cute, blonde toddler who does not stop talking between dawn and dusk.

"Mommy, are you wearing panties?" asked Sadie, the 2 1/2 year old.

Gulping, I replied, "Yes."

"Can I see them?"

"Um, no." More coffee.

{end of scene 1}
{Scene 2}

Same bat time. Same bat channel. We have not left the bathroom and I am still brushing my teeth. In other words, the elapsed time between the last scene and this one is less than 30 seconds.

Hugging my leg, Sadie says, "I just want to be a princess...like you, Mommy."

{end of Scene 2}

Motherhood. Nothing like it. One moment you are snorting your coffee through your nose and the next your heart is melting.


  1. Cute story, Meg!

    Thrilled to see you post! Almost didn't look, but hadn't checked in for a while and thought I might as well. Miracles do happen, after all! LOL!

    Still haven't gotten a date from Roberta as to when she can come over. Thinking sewing and visiting is too much for one day... maybe a tea party instead? But lets set a sew date too!

    cyber hugs,

  2. I would love to plan a sewing day. The girls desperately need some new dresses and I need some dedicated time for sewing or at least for cutting! Hmmmm...if I had several dresses cut out, I could sew them assembly line style and really whip them out. That would take planning, though. My brain isn't always up to planning. LOL

  3. Planning.... yeah, that takes all those brain cells and energy that we moms with little ones seem to lose more of then gets replaced each day.

    For me, just getting things cut out is half the battle with sewing. I have the HUGE table you can cut out on, so don't think you have to actually use a sewing maching to have a "sewing" day with me! LOL!