19 September 2011

New Friends from Frugal Living Northwest!

Welcome!  Welcome!  Come on in and get cozy!

This is the place to find:

* stories about our large family life.  We are the Waltons +1.  My husband and I, our eight children plus my mother and father-in-law living together at "The Shoe".  It has been a wonderful arraignment for almost 14 years now, but I have to say that having "in-loves" instead of "in-laws" has helped immensely.

* recipes and tips for cooking frugally for a large family, including bulk-cooking and freezer meal preparation.

* stories from my family's history.  I have a heart to record bit of verbal storytelling where they won't get lost. (I guess I should back up my blog?)

* methods for herding cats, assigning chores to your family to BLESS YOUR HOME together.

* honesty.  Life is too short to live falsely  in order to impress anyone.  You will recognize my faults in short order, but I hope that we can strive, together, towards our better selves.

* a bit of silliness, now and then.  A merry heart is, after all, good medicine.

* quilting and sewing.  I am just an artist in need of an audience!

Regarding our frenzied fall, the perfect schedule still eludes me, but we hammered together a routine to try this week.  I am sure that life will point out its weaknesses. Updates will surely follow.

I would love introductions!  Please leave comments below.  You will find an email subscription box in the right margin.

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