10 March 2009

on the Potter's wheel

Sheesh. It seems that all I do around here is apologize for my absence. I still have the rest of my series on Children and Chores to post, in fact it is practically ready to go but other things have captured my attention and time. Then there are the numerous little stories that come from a full life in a full house, but for now, I am otherwise occupied.

It seems that the Lord is intent on shaping my character just now. He has his hands deep in me, working my heart like clay. The wheel is spinning at a dizzying speed, and I have no choice but to trust that His hands will guide and shape my weak heart into a useful vessel. There are seasons when the wheel is idle, when the clay is ripening- preparing to be worked, shifted, molded, changed; then there are the intense seasons of the shaping itself.

So, if this blog lies idle and you wonder where I am- I am on the Potter's wheel.