14 September 2011


Lots of changes at our house right now.  For one thing, I am not homeschooling this year.  After prayerfully considering, Bryan and I decided that a change was in order for this season.  So, Mason and Sarah are enrolled at the local elementary school for 1st and 2nd grade.  Madelyn, Sirena and Gavin are enrolled in a home-based charter school.  Mara in enrolling at a local community college.

Honestly, I envisioned this change would be restful for this worn-out mama, but until we figure out this new normal, life is just as crazy as ever.  For example, several times a day I panic when I realize that I haven't seen Sarah or Mason in "quite some time" only to further realize that they at school.

First Day of School

The learning curve is steep.  We are, for the first time in years, slave to an outside schedule.  Getting everyone moving, food packed and kids to the bus on time is a challenge.  Oh, I know that many of you have been doing it for years, but it is new to us.  My kids are still learning how to put together "school appropriate" outfits.  I am still learning to _hear_ my alarm clock.  We're getting there, it's just gonna take time for it to feel normal.

Nolan and Evie are adapting.  They miss their playmates pretty desperately at times.  This morning, Nolan was inconsolable when the school bus pulled away with his sibs.  Thankfully, Kipper came to the rescue.  As you can see, he is enthralled.  You can also see that he prefers the basket where we keep our snuggly blankets to a chair or the couch.  At least peace has been restored.

Now, blog post finished and Kipper is over.  It must be time to finish my morning chores.  Ugh.  Chores.  Our old system isn't meeting our needs and I don't even know what we need a new system to accomplish yet.  More on that to come.  Life is surely keeping me humble and prayerful these days.

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