18 August 2011

Miss Matilda is Broken

Yes, it's true. My beloved washer is under-the-weather, out-of-comission, BROKEN.  She started getting sick about a week ago, making a wretched thumping noise.  Her sweet little display looked so sad with a code splashed across the screen.  "LF"  Sigh.

How thankful I was to remember that we have good insurance for her.  I rang Sears to set up a housecall and was put through a rigmarole of non-human menu choices, but I ended the call with a same-day appointment, even though the non-human on the other end insisted that there would be a $75 diagnostic fee.

Trying a different phone number, I finally reached a real, live, native-english-speaking human who informed me that my previous phone call was completely and totally wrong.  There would be neither a fee nor a same day appointment.  The serviceman had already gone home for the day.  "Would Tuesday be convenient?" No, it would not be convenient.  Not with 12 people depending on Matilda for clean underwear.  BUT, it is certainly better than never and I accepted the first appointment on Tuesday morning.

Sadly, it was not to be.  That same serviceman who started his weekend early had the gall, outrageous insolence to call in sick. SICK.  When my poor washer and family were suffering.  Harrumph.  Of course, Sears didn't call to tell me this until 10 am, at which time I had already been waiting for the tech for 2 hours. The informant was not particularly sympathetic when she offered me this morning's first appointment.

Having no better offers, I took it and was pleased to speak to our serviceman at 7:30 a.m. when he called to confirm our 8 a.m. appointment. With great joy, I envisioned a day of washing and folding laundry.  Again, sadly not to be.  As soon as he took Matilda's lid off, it was apparent what the problem was. Can you guess?

Her counterweight is broken, as you can see.  It is a genetic defect and very rare.  Our doctor had never seen this ailment before.  Because it is so rare, the treatment options are not quick:  9 days.  NINE MORE DAYS until the part will be in and Matilda undergoes counterweight replacement surgery.

Get well soon, Matilda.  We miss you.

In lieu of cards, send chocolate.


  1. so sorry to hear this -- but i thought she was allergic to chocolate!
    wishing her a speedy recovery. (but have you thought, she may be liking the R&R.......)

  2. Of course she is enjoying the R&R, but neither of us is allergic to chocolate. *wink*

    I'll be sure to give her your regards, Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by!