04 January 2010

Update: 36+1 weeks

Well, we have crossed many items off "The List" and added others. Truthfully, the house is still gearing up for this baby and birth. I expect that within a week or two, the house will be immaculate all the time because I will be unable to focus on anything but the coming baby. At this point, it still makes me too tired to contemplate pouring that much energy into the preparations. Hopefully, the first semester will be finished by then so I can bring the kids into my madness. (This is not their favorite stage of pregnancy.)

In the meantime, baby is growing well and I am moving more slowly. According to one friend, I "have a nice bump" and "should wear it with pride". Guess I'll keep working on that nice bump.


  1. You haven't finished the nesting list yet? lol. Your list is might ambitious. Maybe you should re-write it with "musts" and "wants". Easier to focus that way and not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items on the overall list.

    Your house looked great yesterday, btw. And, so do you and your bump! =)

  2. Thanks! The house is coming along nicely, but as you know, it only takes an hour or evening of neglect to set up a serious mess in the home of a large family. We just have to stay on top of it or I will absolutely panic.

    The list has definitely been revised. Some items have been moved to a new monthly cleaning list. Others were once-offs and are now struck through. Still more items have been moved to the "someday, when we get around to it" list. That list is far longer than I would like, but it reflects reality.

  3. Reality = time,energy and finances