30 November 2009

a bit of religion

Not discounting Messiah or what he has done for me, but I think sometimes we forget that he is the bridge, the door to fellowship with the Father.

To illustrate my point, here is a simple outline of our relationship with the Divine:

*In the garden, there was perfect harmony between the LORD and Adam.

*Sin entered the world and abolished that harmony.

*Temporary measures were set in place to allow for an imperfect reconciliation between man and Creator.

***Messiah, the perfect sacrifice, came to affect a complete and total reconciliation. Those who accept his sacrifice are now able to come freely before the throne of grace to worship the Father.***

Mission accomplished? Yes, and yet much of our focus in the modern church and, indeed, in Christian life is on the Son, the sacrifice. (I do not discount this glorious gift; truly, I do not.)

It is on my heart to study the attributes of the Father. I am His creation. It was His plan that brought reconciliation. I urge you to consider with me these questions: who is He and how does He differ from His son?

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  1. Amen, the Father loves you. steve, his son.mattu