27 November 2008


I apologize for my prolonged absence from the blog. October was busy with the Holy Days of Rosh Hoshanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. November has been a whirl of sewing. I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving! If I really wanted to bring on the excuses, I could add that I spend my nights with a cranky baby who is cutting 3 teeth and my days with a few cranky children who are cycling and recycling this year's virus. The truth is that while I have several blog ideas a day, I haven't found the time to record them. When someone designs a usb port for my brain, you will see more blog posts. Some of my brain waves are quite brilliant, too bad they never make it into the spoken or written word.

Now that my blogging guilt has been assuaged, I will proceed to today's story.

Mason is now the proud owner of a hard hat. This morning he swaggered into the kitchen wearing his new headgear and announced, "I could really use some real tools, Dad." Well, what is a tool-using daddy to do? GET HIS SON SOME TOOLS!


  1. Cute. What Daddy could refuse that request?
    That's what Noah will be getting for Christmas. I found a little wooden tool box at the thrift store and a work apron, just need to gather a few tools.

    Have you thought of joining Facebook? It's been quite the fun "reunion" and way to keep up with people pretty easily.

  2. I've thought about Facebook, but have heard it's like crack- very addictive- and since I already find too many excuses to be on the computer, I have stayed away.

  3. Hah! Tools nothing!

    If the boy is old enough to ask, get him a .22 and start addin' to the freezer.

    Uncle Perry can show him where the deer are!

    Hey, when are we gettin' together?