07 October 2008

Sirena Nina Mae

Eleven is a beautiful age, just ask our Nina.

Young enough to play with blocks and
old enough to help in the childcare at Bible study.

Here's our nature girl with the blasted dog.

(Notice the look of utter absorption on the dog's face? I am holding a ball, an object greatly desired, directly over the camera. He is actually quivering with lust for the ball, but this shot caught him between shivers.)

So pretty.

Sirena is our puzzle girl, she excels at math and all sorts of visual games. She loves plants and has a little plot to call her own and is our most-likely child to play outside. It's fitting that she is barefoot in her birthday photos since she doesn't wear shoes -unless forced- from March through November. Her feet are as tough as Hobbit feet (though hers are not hairy).

This past year has been a big one! Sirena began learning to quilt and has also added breadmaking and cooking to her skill set. I love knowing that I can turn her loose in the kitchen with a recipe and she can make it happen! Dare I confess that she is, even now, baking her own birthday cake? (From mix and it was her idea.)

She has a great sense of humor and a fabulous vocabulary. (Yes, this matters to me. I am a lexophile and, so far, she is the only child who shows any symptoms of catching this disorder.)

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