02 October 2008

Sarah, Princess of the Butterflies

Our own
Sarah Eleanor


Five years ago this moment, I was still recovering from her 4:35 a.m. birth. It was a longish labor and a difficult recovery. Now, the trauma had faded into the mists and what I mostly remember is the joy of looking into her eyes for the first time as we floated together in the birth tub.

She has become a motherly girl who loves to dress fancy and pose for pictures. I had the craziest time trying to get "normal" looking photos this morning. She simpers and poses and twirls and arranges herself as one who is used to being admired and dressed up and posed by 3 older sisters and one doting mama.

Miss Sadie can't wait to grow up and be a "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady" and a mommy. Her dolls and animals reecive oodles of loving care. Her family receives oodles of drawings and cards and make believe treats and stories and, now that she is learning to read, strings of letters that might-or-might-not-be words. Her generous nature shines.


  1. Awww...such a dolly. I remember when she was born, has it already been 5 whole years?
    I thought I was looking at Maddie in the first picture.

  2. That is one of the joys about my girlies, they have such a strong resemblance that I get to see each stage 4 times!

    5 years flies by, but those 3 am feedings last forever.

  3. The photo of her sitting with her hands folded and head down is very sweet! They're all sweet and she s a gorgeous little girl, but I like that one the best. : )