30 March 2008

Sewing on a deadline

Roberta asked about my sewing projects. I wish I could delegate some of these to my very-efficient mother-in-love!

Here is my sewing list:

1. Finish Maddy's quilt (pin and baste the top to the back, with the batting between and then "quilt" it by stitching in the ditch.) Sirena's matching quilt has been finished for at least 6 months.

2. Stay on top of our quilt class homework. We have 16 log cabin squares (each) this month. My April assignment is done, but I need to supervise/assist the Mara and Sirena. Here is the quilt we are working on. The next assignment will be given out at the April 19th class, 11 days before I am due. So we will need to get that done ASAP as well.

3. Sew 2 simple dresses for Maddy and Nina to wear to Kam's wedding, which is 2.5 weeks after baby is due. The dresses will be sewn from white on white muslin with crimson sashes. (In the pattern photo, it is the white dress in the upper right hand corner.) I am sure my girls will look lovely. I figure each dress will take 2.5 to 3 hours total- including cutting out and hemming. Zippers aren't my favorite, but I prefer them to buttons. I think I will delegate the cutting out of the pattern and fabric to my daughters and/or mother-in-love. I can't really see myself crawling about on the floor with 5 yards of fabric right now.

4. Help my mom finish recovering the family bassinet so that baby Elizabeth has a chance to at least have a photo in it before she outgrows it. My mom can sew the pieces together, but since there is no pattern, I am helping to cut the pieces out and come up with instructions. All the babies for 4 generations have used this bassinet. I will try to post before and after photos.

5. I would LIKE to sew some bedding for the cradle we are using at our house. I keep envisioning something that will match our bedroom...but this in an optional item. I may have to settle for purchasing a pair of king size pillowcases that match my room. Those would cover the cradle mattress and the changing table pad.


  1. That is quite alot of sewing work in such a short time. The quilt is beautiful and the dresses lovely. (btw, I remember a Thea in Bible study at SS4...I know it's possible more than 1 person has that name ;) but I wondered if she could be the same one. If so, she was so sweet. That was way back when Sam was about to be born.)
    Love you and miss you!

  2. I don't think it is the same Thea, but I'll ask her.

    The girls are going to do their quilting homework today, Mon, while I do some filing. Here's hoping...