24 March 2008

It's official

I am nesting.

With 5 weeks until I am due, the hormones have kicked things up to the next notch. My family thinks I am going for "suicide by housework."

"Not so," I insist, looking up from the floor while scrubbing the kitchen cabinets.

"Absolutely not," spoken emphatically while I wrestle the refrigerator into the center of the room, or paint the bedroom, or clean the ceiling fan, or rearrange the cupboards.

Of course, the reality of it all sets in after dinner each night. I am extraordinarily sore, more than a little grumpy and exhausted. This is not as easy at 30+ with baby #7 as it was at 18 with #1.

The house is looking good. That list is getting shorter, but the "sewing to be accomplished before the baby arrives" list is still quite long. Can someone tell me how to funnel these blasted hormones towards material productivity?


  1. LOL! So true, so true!

    I think you have to put the sewing machine in the middle of the dining room or living room and tell yourself it isn't budging until all the sewing projects are gone. Therefore your hormones that are screaming for order and cleanliness will push you to do the projects so that the sewing machine can be put away! LOL!



  2. I say put the sewing machine in your mother-in-laws livingroom! ;)
    What must you sew before baby? out of curiosity! :)
    I was sewing the girls Easter dresses (oh yeah, we had this conversation didn't we?...about the zippers.) did I tell you Adam encouraged me to just go buy dresses from the store and save the sewing for later. That was an helpful suggestion and took heaps of stress away.
    Be careful...get your rest...lift with your legs...ask for help :)
    Looking forward to hearing your joyful news. Lots of Love!

  3. Jerri,

    My sewing machine is ALREADY in the middle of daily life. In fact, we have 2 machines set up in the "homeschool" room on a permanent basis. I think I need to break my list down a bit more.


  4. "Can someone tell me how to funnel these blasted hormones towards material productivity?"

    Beat your husband...beat him! That's what I say!

    Not a logically productive solution, but it "will" make you feel better!

    Beat him...and then post pictures! Mikey and I want to see them!



    PS - Gracie is now standing, God help us all!: http://cubeville.wordpress.com/2008/04/07/on-her-own-two-feet/

  5. Bryan thanks you for the suggestion, Perry. If I had the energy to do more than brew a cuppa coffee or brush my teeth, I would probably take you up on the suggestion in retribution. I keep having these panicky moments when I remember that labor is coming. His response has generally been laughter followed by the comment, "I'm glad I'm a man."