17 February 2008

things that don't clean themselves

Just popping in to say that I am enjoying a glorious few days of some early spring cleaning and I have noticed a few things.

1. Peanut butter and jelly jars need wiped off every time they are used. Salad dressings frequently need to be cleaned before reentering the frig. The worst offender in this category is honey. The kids need to be constantly reminded on this one, otherwise we end up with sticky cupboards and frig shelves. Nothing like the sound of stickily breaking suction as you pull the honey out to add a dollop to your tea. Shudder.

2. Appliances also have to be wiped after use. The blender base gets gross quickly without attention. This rule applies to everything from mixers to vacuums. Children do not naturally know this rule. Neither do husbands. I shared this concept with my dh last week and he gave me a look of shocked revelation. He wasn't purposefully neglecting this task, it just didn't occur to him that white appliances don't stay white and shiny on their own.

3. Window tracks or slides are particularly nasty after a long muddy winter. Especially if you have a dog who like to put his filthy paws on the back window and look longingly inside. Even the windows without doggy debris are dusty and perhaps a bit mildewy at this time of year. Clorox wipes or similar and a butter knife make this task much easier. And my white vinyl windows look so much nicer after some detailing.

I don't remember my mother instructing me to clean these items, but as a homemaker I have definitely noticed that they don't take care of themselves. My kids are getting a detail oriented, control freak version of homemaker training. Not that I am a great housekeeper, but the lessons I have accumulated are GOING to be passed on to the next generation.

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  1. "My kids are getting a detail oriented, control freak version of homemaker training."
    You're funny!...me too though. Although I am not so much detailed, just a control freak! :(

    Shuting computer down and after seeing your comment thought I'd peek in and see if you posted...apparently so! What a precious niece.
    Wish you were here! I'm up late sewing the girls Easter dresses...or should I say "re-ripping seams and staring at a zipper trying to make sense of how to sew it in properly." At a certain point one loses the ability to be productive, let alone coherent (or as I once said to Adam is our early years, "cohesive". lol he replied, dryly "oh, so you don't stick together very well then?" *sigh* that one still makes me laugh, he was such a serious guy back then.
    Alrighty...time to zzzzzzzzzz. It was nice to see your comment today. xoxo~
    Roberta :)