10 February 2008


sweeter than sugar

triumphant (and relieved) mama!

Kameron's first moment holding his daughter.

the new family

first bath
This was just about the only peaceful bit, she didn't exactly love the tub.

good sized
(but way smaller than her mama was at birth!)

Kameron snuggling with his baby

resting after a long day


  1. What a beauty!

    Hey Cam, I hope you know how depressed you've made me on my birthday...

    I was just looking at a picture of myself holding YOU at not much older than that!

    You were so cute, and now you sorta look like...well, me and Bryan. (Sorry)

    What's important, though, is that your little one is gorgeous...congratulations!

    You're in for a lot of fun.


  2. She is beautiful!