25 October 2007


Part One
Sukkot 2006, Anderson Lodge, Cougar, WA

Several families drove up to the lodge for Shabbat services on Friday evening. One family brought a passel of sons with them and one of these boys "noticed" our daughter Sirena, who was 9 at the time. He dared his younger brother to ask Sirena a question. The family is nice enough, but it is probably a good thing that they had left before Bryan heard about "The Question".

He asked, "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

Part Two
August 2007, Trout Lake Solitude, Trout Lake, WA

My extended family rented a guest house for the weekend. The setting was lovely and we were sharing a leisurely breakfast Saturday morning. The kids were in the loft, reachable only by a nifty ladder through a hatch in the ceiling. Madelyn was playing pool with her siblings and took a step backwards to line up her shot. She stepped into nothingness and fell 9', landing hard. She had stepped right through that hole.

By grace, she didn't tangle with the ladder during her descent. By the time she landed, I was moving towards her reaching her only seconds after the fall. She never lost consciousness and with a voice full of sadness cried, "I think I broke my arm." Only a quick glance was needed to confirm that her arm was indeed broken just below the wrist. Loverly.

After attending numerous births and handling life threatening emergencies, I knew that there was no reason for panic. I had a little trouble convincing the rest of the family. There were many concerned and helpful cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents willing to do anything to ease Madelyn's suffering. In just a few minutes, she had swallowed a dose of ibuprofen, while an ice pack and a makeshift splint were applied to her arm. We were ready to head in to the hospital.

Daddy carried her out to the van and my cousin Rachael climbed in next to Madelyn. As we were driving in to White Salmon, I couldn't resist trying to sneak a smile out of Maddie. I turned and asked, "Did it hurt when YOU fell from heaven?"

It didn't rate a smile, only a groan accompanied by an expressive eyeroll.

The break was impressive enough to warrant a closed reduction under anesthesia. At the time of the accident, there was some concern that it might not heal right since the break was at the growth plate. Prayers were offered and answered with speedy and complete healing.

In the months that have elapsed, the story and even the question get smiles and laughs from Madelyn. She is growing a delightful and strong sense of humor! Sirena already has a well developed funny bone but remembering her question provokes a blush more than a smile. Girls. My girls. I love 'em so.


  1. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

    Um....yeah. You don't want no part of a kid that smooth!"



  2. I agree with Perry... waaaaaaaaay too smooth! Does Bryan carry a shot gun with him when around this kid now? LOL!

  3. Oh my goodness...poor Maddie. That's quite a drop. Glad she is alright.

    I agree with the consensus...waaaayyyy too smooth!

    When my parents came to visit in early summer they took the kids on a drive to the Owyhee reservoir and a little boy there saw Liliana and made comments about her being an angel, and then saw Liberty-Grace. My Mom and Dad said it was comical seeing this little boy fall all over himself about these "2 angels". Adam and I were a bit rattled by it.
    Where are these boys getting this? Maybe it was the same smooth talker. lol