24 April 2007

a silly moment

Have you ever played the "I've got your nose" game? In this game, you pretend to snatch the toddler's nose with your hand and then show them the nose you have snatched. The nose they see is actually the tip of your thumb protruding between the first and second fingers. Hard to describe but very popular with little kids at our house. "Again," they shout. "Again!" Of course, we always put the nose back in place at the end of the game.

This morning, as I was getting ready for the day, Mason came into the master bathroom to chat with me. I noticed that his nose was snotty and wiped it with a tissue. I then tossed the tissue into the toilet. Mason loves to flush toilets and immediately ran over to pull the handle.

"Bye-bye water," he shouted gleefully, as the water and tissue swirled away. Suddenly, a worried look crossed his face, "Nose bye-bye?"

A quick word was all it took to reassure him, but, for the briefest moment, he thought I had snatched his nose and tossed it in the toilet. I am still smiling, a fact that probably reveals my truly evil nature.


  1. Hey Meg, I can't seem to find our email address, but wanted to tell you I am praying for your brother (who I really can only see in my mind as a very little preschooler) and am thinking about you.
    If you get a minute to email, then I can reply there.
    Love you friend,

  2. Thanks, Roberta. I'll try to post the story and updates on the blog today or tomorrow.

    Right now I am waiting for FedEx so I can take a necessary supply up to a 5 day postnatal. Once they arrive, the kids and I are out the door for the day.