13 April 2007



1) illness or pertaining to illness

2) disturbing

Sirena has thrush (a yeast infection in the mouth), and the simplest, least expensive way to treat thrush is with gentian violet. The problem with gentian violet, as you can clearly see, is that it stains everything, including teeth. We have been painting her mouth nightly, just before she brushes her teeth. It really highlights the plaque. I am told that it tastes quite nasty.

Daddy decided that the loving thing to do would be to join Sirena in her suffering.


It's like Zion Lights gone wrong.
Quite frightening, if you ask me.

Love, true love.


  1. Okay, that is just nasty and your hubby is crazy, but that's nothing new. lol. What is it about your family and thrush? How did she get it do you think?

    One of these days we really need to get together! **sigh**


  2. I think Mason got thrush so frequently because of the tongue-tie. It left me damaged enough to harbor the stuff continually. Once the frenulum was torn, the thrush resolved. It has been at least a year since any thrush hit this house. Who knows where Sirena picked it up! Just a bug out of balance. Her mouth is very sore so she is eating lots of yogurt and very little else. All those probiotics have to be helping.

    Getting together sounds marvelous. Something to dream about!


  3. Actually Hawaii is where I picked up yeast myself, wonder if it is related?

  4. It's like Zion Lights gone wrong. hahahahaha. Have you tried it under a black light? Remember that Bee-Bops number with the hands...well, I guess the gloves were white and the black light made them purple didn't they? You know what I mean, though.
    Man...You guys have all changed so much in just this year.
    Looks like a beautiful vacation. Did your in-laws go too...or just your fam?
    kiss. hug. :)

  5. Bee-Bops is something I try NOT to remember, although the neon spandex makes that very difficult. Memories, memories.

    My in-laws were with us in Kauai, or rather, we were with them. They stayed an additional 2 weeks. They make the trip most years and spend 3 weeks on the island. It was lovely to share that time with them.

  6. Brian, whats up with the gray hair? Your younger than I am.

    Were trying to get everyone together for a reunion. So pop over to my blog and post the best date and location for yall and pass it on to anybody your in contact with. http://drewsnews.wordpress.com/

    Drew Jelmeland