13 April 2007

People Pics in Paradise

Pictures of people I love, taken during our vacation on Kauai,
in no particular order:

Sarah loved the water and would happily walk in up to her
neck! We only allowed her to play in the surf if she was attached to one of the adults.
Here she is with her daddy. Mara is snorkeling nearby.

From top to bottom:
Gavin, Mara, Sirena

The water was quite shallow, less than knee-deep
even out where Gavin was snorkeling.

Mason hated the sand. He hated the water.
Every time a wave came, he said, "Stop!"
We finally reconciled him to the experience
by encouraging him to throw the sand into the water.

Not the best photo I have ever posed for, but I am in so few...
The Ergo carriers were wonderful!
On this outing, I wore Mason and Bryan wore Sadie.
We climbed up and down rocks with ease.

By the end of the outing Mason was a real grump.
This pic was taken over my shoulder, he is in the carrier on my back.

Here we are again, from a wider angle.
He was crying, "Stop. Give it to me, NOW!"

Madelyn with fins on our lanai.
This is the only place she wore fins as snorkeling wasn't her thing.

Sirena with fins. She hated to take them off and would
walk up the beach flipping sand everywhere.

Sirena and Gavin at a lookout point in Waimea Canyon.
(Note: these swimsuits worked really well. Modest coverage plus SPF 50!
This saved me from trying to apply sunscreen to ticklish places.

Mara being shy.

Sarah looks a lot like her daddy did at this age!

Sadie and Mason on one of the sick days.
Notice the very important blankies, cuddled close in 85 degree weather with high humidity. Ugh, too warm for me.
I discovered that leather furniture is a plus when you have barfy toddlers.

Mason in a rare happy moment. When he is sick, he is cranky.
This photo was taken at the Kamalani Playground
(similiar to our Imagination Station or Fantasy Forest), and
we made a trip to the park just to play on the playground.

Good feelings gone.

Of course, there are many, many more photos. When I have a chance, I'll post more with stories. Life was and is very busy now that we are home. Our focus turned to Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which concluded Tuesday night at sundown. Now we are counting down to the Feast of Weeks. April is also full of birthdays so we are preparing to party after the taxes are filed. As I have long maintained, nothing is certain but death, taxes and laundry.


  1. Wow, it looks like you had a great time

  2. So good to see you posting again. I was beginning to wonder if your trip did you in! LOL! Life always has a way of getting more busy when you want it less busy, notice that? We have strep at our house right now. Seventh victim currently whimpering through it. Ugh. Meggie is teething all 4 canines as well as finishing up the last 2 molars. So, she is basically teething 6 teeth. Almost done. I don't think I have ever had a baby with 16 teeth at 17 months old. Yikes!

  3. To be honest, the trip DID do me in. The babies were sick in the first week and then I came down with a cold that affected my ears. I was dreadfully motion sick everytime we got in the car, even for just a few minutes. That ear "thing" is still holding on. Allergies kicked in once we arrived home and made everything worse. I couldn't do much of anything for a couple of days because I was just too dizzy.

    Now that we have been home for just over 3 weeks, I am beginning to catch up. Two weeks without outside responsibilities made me realize how busy I am! Bryan is taking over the business books and we are looking for ways to minimize the impact of gleaning on my schedule. It's hard to be a good homemaker when you aren't home several 1/2 days a week. A 1/2 day away from home is a whole day disrupted, ykwim?


  4. Holy Moly,

    When did you goes go to Hawaii? We just got back! I recognize ALL those places!!!