15 January 2007


I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions, but I am always endeavoring to improve myself and my home. Thank you, Roberta, for the inspiration to record my thoughts here. These are the goals I am currently working towards:

* Change my mindset towards cleaning the house.

I have realized that with 6 children one does not clean the house as if it is a job which will be finished and checked off the list. One cleans the house continually. It is a lifestyle not a chore. When I was a young mama with a smaller brood, I cleaned up the house before dh arrived home from work each day. As my brood grew, I understood that "clean the house" had to be more than a once-a-day chore, so I set aside 3 specific times through out the day to "clean the house". That was an improvement, but insufficient to deal with the mayhem our busy lives bring to our home. Now I am trying to teach the children, a bit late I realize, that "cleaning the house" doesn't end when any one chore is completed.

* Eat more raw, green foods and fewer processed, hormone and chemical laden food substitutes.

This means more work for Mommy and more frequent shopping trips. I hate shopping of all kinds but I hate grocery shopping most of all. Frankly, I just want to open the fridge and have tasty, healthy, fully-prepared food jump onto my plate in appropriately-sized portions. This is the real reason I am a Star Trek fan: I want a replicator.

*Be a mother of gentle speech and loving consistency.

My tongue has always been a source of anguish, but to wound my own children with my angry or sarcastic words is a horrible thing indeed. Who can harness the tongue? Elohim is going to have to help me on this one. I am praying he will change my heart, since it is out of the heart that the tongue speaks.

*Bless my husband daily.

Specifically, I am matching socks and making sure they find their way to his top drawer. (We have this abyss called the sock basket where socks live between trips through the laundry. It is a source of constant irritation to my husband that he must go sock diving each morning.) Of course, I am looking for other opportunities to bless him as well!

*Spend more time searching the Scriptures.

I have read the Scriptures in their entirety several times, but I need to make new connections within those sacred books. The congregation we are now a part of has challenged me! I have learned and been taught from a Greek perspective / understanding and I want to go a bit farther back in history- to the Hebrew foundations of the faith.

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  1. Well gosh Meg I think I may just provide a link to say "here is more of my list." ;) I could adopt every one of these as well.

    Nothing says love like matching socks!
    And ohhh the taming of the tongue...why do I do what I don't want to do...and all that. I am crying out on that one as well. How many times have I sighed and said "Say it kindly, not like I said it." ~weak smile~