14 January 2007

Name Story

Last week's breech baby is staying nicely head down and might just stay there.

For weeks his parents have been wavering between two names, Luke and Jonah. The daddy, a Star Wars buff, favored Luke. The mama favored Jonah, but most people believed that the baby's name would be Luke. Friends have embroidered that name on blankets and pillows. The baby shower invitations were for Mama and baby Luke.

As part of the attempt to turn the baby, I had recommended that they rub mama's belly in the direction we wanted the baby to turn. Last Monday evening, Daddy duly massaged her belly and baby turned! Unfortunately, he also turned himself right back to breech.

The following night, as Daddy was gently massaging Mama's belly, he said, "I have been thinking about the Jonah in the Scriptures. He kept turning away from the direction he was supposed to go. This baby reminds me of that Jonah. Maybe we are supposed to name him Jonah and if we just make that decision, he will turn and stay head down."

We'll never know for sure if this was Elohim's way of naming the baby, but he is head down and his name will be Jonah.

1 comment:

  1. That's cute! Won't he feel weird snuggling a "Luke" blanket..hehe
    I pray baby gets snuggled in head down.
    Weird about the SSN from your previous post...tax dollars hard at work! ;)