01 October 2013

sister security detail

This morning is the first morning of enrichment classes at our web academy.  The school offers optional, on-site classes twice a week: PE, math support and writing plus semi-monthly science labs and additional electives for the high-schoolers.  It gives the kids a chance to meet other students, get some energy out and interact with the teachers face-to-face. It also gives me two mornings a week with just Nolan and Evie.  Our kids are regular attendees. 

As Mason was eating his oatmeal, he remarked, "There is this boy named Evan who kept bothering Sarah last year.  He's my age, and I am going to tell him to leave her alone."

Puttering in the kitchen, I answered "I love it that you want to protect your sister!"

To which he replied, "She doesn't want me to protect her, so I am just going to have to do it in secret."

My heart swelled with pride.  I love the nobility of character that leads my son to protect his sisters.  I love seeing the sibling love shine through, especially since it is hard to spot some days.

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