08 February 2012

a soft moment

"Mommy, willaputtabownmyhay?" asks Evie.

"You want me to put a clip in your hair?"

"No, Mommy.  A bow!"

"Okay, you want a bow in your hair?"


I put a clip in her hair.  I don't happen to have a bow handy.  Thankfully, she is satisfied.

"Danue, Mommy. Bye."

She turns to run from the room but stops just short of the door and turns, arms outstretched.

"Huh, Mommy?"

She runs back to hug me. Turns and heads towards the door again.  Stops, again. Turns with lips pursed.


She gives me a slobbery kiss, which I manage to direct to my cheek.  I kiss her cheek, thankful for the soft moment.  She is so very two that these moments are rare.

One last look over her shoulder, she smiles and is off to play with her siblings.


  1. This makes me tear up... :'( I miss my little sister and getting to have moments like this with her. But I am very happy that she does have moments like this for you. More so after the day sounded like it went yesterday.

    Love you mommy! Tell Evie I love her, too!

    1. It's so easy to get distracted and distressed by the liquid nails on the wall or the toothbrushes in the toilet that I wanted to capture this moment.

      Thanks, sweetie, I love you, too.