05 July 2011

a portrait by mara

Mommy with Evie

Mara drew this picture from a memory of me during my pregnancy with Evelyn.  It is a sweet thing to be able to share the mysterious wonders of pregnancy with older daughters and sweeter still when you realize that all the disruption and change pregnancy and new babies bring has not blinded her eyes to the beauty of it all.

Having no drawing ability, I am amazed at the ability of artists, 
Mara included, to capture so much with so little.

That's MY girl!

I found this fabulous frame 50% off at Michael's and ordered a custom matte (the drawing is not a standard size).  The matte won't be ready for another couple of weeks but I couldn't wait that long to see it framed. Acid free photo corners will do the trick until I have the chance to pick up the matte, hinge tape and foam core backing. With this much talent in the family, I might to learn how to cut my own mattes!

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