13 February 2011

a timeline of my motherhood

1993 pregnant-
1994 pregnant: MARA, nursing
1995 pregnant: GAVIN, nursing-
1996 nursing
1997 pregnant: SIRENA, nursing-
1998 nursing, pregnant-
1999 pregnant: MADELYN, nursing-
2000 nursing
2001 neither nursing nor pregnant
2002 pregnant
2003 pregnant: SARAH, nursing-
2004 nursing, pregnant-
2005 pregnant: MASON, nursing-
2006 nursing
2007 pregnant
2008 pregnant: NOLAN, nursing-
2009 nursing, pregnant-
2010 pregnant: EVELYN, nursing
2011 nursing

Yes, you are reading this correctly.  I have been nursing or pregnant for at least part of every year (except 2001) since 1993- the year Bryan and I married.  Since Evelyn is our last, my mind is a bit baffled about what comes next.  Personally, I am hoping that it is sleep.

Please, understand that I wouldn't have had it any other way; I love my kids and our large family lifestyle.  I am simply reflecting on a stage of life that is ending for me.


  1. Yes, even though we love our kids, we also do love our own bodies too don't we! Here's to NOT being pregnant this year, for us both!

  2. AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE this post. I can't imagine how confusing and comforting this is, all at the same time. You are an amazing woman! May the Lord bless you and Bryan in this new and exciting journey.