22 July 2010

The Oraz Bridge, chapter 2

In which I discover how many ways I miss my husband.

Number 42

This little gift from the cats was hiding in my front entry closet. You will no doubt notice the abundance of dog hairs and ants. Dog hair (and cat hair and people hair) happens around here. It is why we fill the dust pan several times a day. I decided that the house needed a really good sweeping, the kind that only a mommy takes the time to do. So, I swept under the couches, under the cabinets and in the entry closet. Finding this bit of putrefying rodent flesh did not make my day. Nay, not one little bit of happiness did it introduce into my life. In fact, I threw a little pity party when I realized that both Bryan and Gavin were gone and that I would have to "man up" and take care of the corpse myself.

Numbers 67, 68 & 69

Does she or does she not have the most magnificent set of brown eyes? These moments with Evie remind me that she is growing and changing so quickly. She is already 5.5 months old and will be closer to a year by the time Bryan is back with us to stay.

I haven't posted nearly enough about Evie, so consider this an update! She is a sunshine in our home, being a mostly content little person. She does wake up way too often in the night to my way of thinking, but I am sure this is building character in me...right? Not crawling yet, she scoots and rolls all around. Now that she has two teeth through and another on its way in, she shoves everything into her mouth to practice her shark attack skills. There is a mutual adoration between Evie and her siblings, and she liberally bestows slobbery kisses on us all.

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  1. Okay, that would have done me in too. There aren't a big enough pair of big girl panties to take care of rodent corpses to my thinking. Eewww!

    *Note for future reference: Before husband and older son(s) are going to be away from home, check closets for dead bodies.

    And Evie is so adorable! Love those brown eyes! I will always wonder and never know what it is like to have a brown eyed child. **sigh** But then, not many people have light green eyed children like I do (well and blue eyed children).

    Praying for you dear friend, today, tomorrow and the days ahead.