21 October 2009

The Nesting List

We keep mislaying the Nesting List. I would like to think it is accidental, but the smirks upon my children's faces as I wander about searching for it lead me to believe that it is a well-orchestrated assault on both my plans and my sanity. But, having lived longer, I am much more wily than they and to prove it, I am posting the list here, where it cannot be hidden by malingerers.

* denotes that the budget will dictate whether this item is completed

Living Room, Entry & Hall
  • Paint trim
  • Clean cold air returns
  • Paint gray cold air return white
  • Vacuum ceiling
  • Detail dust shelves & display items
  • Buy heater grates*
  • Install ceiling light*
  • Paint light fixtures*
  • Clean light fixture glass
  • Purge entry closet, set up with pantry shelving
  • Vacuum lampshades
  • "Dust" curtains using fluff cycle in dryer
  • Clean window tracks
  • Purge entertainment center, organize

Kitchen & Dining Room
  • Clean garden window
  • Clean behind frig and in cubby
  • Wipe ceiling
  • Vacuum frig coils
  • Clean under stove plus stove drawer
  • Clean out silverware drawer
  • Purge knife drawer, get knife block or mag strip*
  • Clean apron and legs of dining table
  • Clean stickers off dining chairs
  • Build drawers for window seat*
  • Wash curtains
  • Trim garden window and paint new trim
  • Install new valance or blind at garden window*
  • Wipe down insides of cupboards
  • Wipe down display shelves
  • Clean out frig and freezers
  • Defrost outside freezer
  • Fix exterior window trim so that window closes correctly
  • Paint lower cabinets?

Homeschool Room
  • Vacuum computer fan cabinet
  • Purge sewing cabinet by completing projects (this may deserve as list of its own)
  • Decide which clothing boxes go back in storage and which go to charity
  • Hand-mop under cabinets

Front Bathroom
  • Wash curtain (delicate cycle, hang dry) and liner (with towels
  • Purge drawers
  • Purge cabinets
  • Paint trim
  • Clean light fixture glass
  • Install new fan*

Master Suite
  • Vacuum mattress and flip/rotate
  • Clean carpet
  • Paint trim
  • Caulk crown
  • Vacuum lampshades
  • Declutter top of armoire
  • Purge pregnancy related books
  • Wax /polish armoire
  • Touch up spice-colored paint
  • Move Nolan's clothes to Boy room
  • Move changing table to our room
  • Paint changing table and tighten screws
  • Buy new changing table pad and covers*


  1. Okay, I'm exhausted just reading through your list. No WONDER the kids keep "losing" the list! LOL!

    p.s. Perry's article is in the Nov. Guidepost. In fact, when Guidepost arrived the other day his story was the FIRST one I chose to read (must be the Trekkie in me!). Good job Perry!

  2. Save that copy of Guideposts for me? Not only do I love my friend Perry, we are Trekkie's too.

    Yeah, the list is exhaustive and exhausting, but we are making excellent progress. After all, I still have 14 weeks until I am due. I think I will update it today. It's quite lovely to see line after line struck through. That is, after all, much of the pleasure of list making.