07 August 2009

the mighty huntress

I filled my freezer with meat yesterday; a deed that made my husband exceedingly happy. Since the meat was purchased from a wholesaler and at a great savings, my pocketbook and I are also exceedingly happy.

Here's the score:

120 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breasts @ $1.29 / lb. I ordinarily pay $1.99 / lb, so this was a savings of $84.00 over our everyday prices.

27 lbs of Foster Farms oven browned turkey breast, produced and wrapped for our local warehouse club. The price on their tag was $3.99 / lb. I paid $1.69 / lb. Since I don't ordinarily buy deli meat with a $4 price tag, it seems right to calculate savings from what I would normally pay, which is $1.99 / lb. Savings: $8.10.

10 lbs of all beef, pre-cooked meatballs, also at $1.69 /lb. Warehouse price is $2.16 /lb. Savings: $4.70.

10 lbs all beef, skinless franks at $1.69 / lb. Warehouse price is $2.25 / lb. Savings: $5.60.

30 lbs of steak fries @ $.63 / lb. Safeway price is $1.76 / lb. Savings: $33.90.

Total savings: $136.30

All of these items were "specials", which change every 3 - 4 weeks at this wholesaler. All together, I find that this is a trip I will happily repeat.


  1. Who is this wholesaler and how can I do it too????

    Great job, Megan!! We should do lunch or something soon!!

  2. Columbia Empire Meats

    You don't have to be a business to order from them, obviously. Just call and ask them to fax you a price list. They were friendly and helpful. The hardest thing was knowing where to park!

  3. And, yes. We should do lunch soon.

  4. O.K I want in on lunch, and how about carpooling on the c
    next trip?