05 September 2008

Photography Tips and GOTW

GOTW: Giveaway of The Week

The GOTW at Life in a Shoe is focusing (har har) on photography this week.

Check out the great photo tips for moms category at Me Re Koh. I appreciate the wisdom in one post I read which encouraged learners to work on one item at a time. It can be a bit overwhelming to absorb a new vocabulary and learn new equipment at the same time. FYI: there are plenty of tips even for the point-and-shoot photographer. (This includes us for now.) So don't pass it by just because you don't own an SLR!

Bryan and I are both trying to improve our photography skills. He needs to be able to take clear, meaningful photos of his completed work projects for his portfolio. I want to take pictures of our family and daily life that catch their essence. Oh, and I want to take stunning pictures of the mamas I serve and the babies I catch. Sigh. I want it ALL. In my spare time. Wait, I don't have any spare time...

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