06 June 2008

quick note

Nolan is now a month old and life hasn't settled into any sort of normal. Now, that's not because he is a fussy baby but because life has continued at a crazy busy pace. No babymoon this time.

The good news is that baby is thriving! We weighed him this morning and I was mildly surprised to see that he has gained over 2 lbs since his birth, weighing in at 11 lb 12 oz. Only mildly surprised because it is obvious to anyone with eyes that he is filling out quite nicely and should have rolls someday soon. He is my first gourmand baby and takes nursing very seriously.

We have had extra kids, visiting from Alaska, this past week and that has added to the chaos a bit. Nine kids is different than 7, even though the extras were both big kids. The feeling was very reminiscent of a slumber party- lots of laughter, meals at odd hours and too many videos. It ended all too soon. Back to our normally scheduled chaos.

Poor Mason dotes on the new baby and doesn't seem to feel "displaced" but he is having a hard time coping without a schedule. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to hammer out a schedule, because the old one just isn't working. Chores are getting done, but not in a timely manner. Tempers were (are) wearing a bit thin, so this week has included a lot of time curled up with a stack of books. (Henry and Mudge have been good friends!)

In fact, Mr. Putter and Tabby are waiting for us right now...

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